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Backcountry fishing is a great way to get away from casual fisherman and crowded waters. It also allows you to fish sometimes untouched waters where fish don’t know what a lure is and haven’t seen one in their lives. There is something to be said of the allure of discovering new rivers, streams and lakes to fish, even if you aren’t the first to fish them. One of the best ways to find new fishing holes is to explore on foot. Sure, a float plane will be able to fly you into some of the most remote waters for some Alaska fishing, but being able to explore on foot means that you will be able to fish along the way to a far away lake or stream. Following a meandering river allows you the opportunity to spot fish, locating feeding fish in promising holes. The right gear is essential to make these explorations successful. This is where a good collapsible fishing rod comes in, and we will discuss the advantages of using these rod systems below.

Portability Is Essential For The Trail

If you are fishing off the trail, it is important that you have your gear in an easy to access compartment in your backpack. You may even want to hike while holding your fishing rod in your hand, as this will allow you to quickly present your lure or fly to any feeding fish. It is important to consider what type of backpacking trip you are on. If you are just out for the day, fishing your favorite stream or river, you won’t be carrying a huge backpack with you. If you are on a multi-day trip, you have many more important preparations to make. You will be carrying everything you need for survival on your back, so carrying as little extra gear is very important. In both of these scenarios, lugging large fishing kits and a lot of tackle will not be the best case scenario. You will want to go as lightweight as possible.

Collapsible Fishing Rod Options

Eagle Claw Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod (1 Piece)

Bringing along a collapsible fishing rod as opposed to a heavier, full length rod will cut down on weight, bulk, and will speed up the process of getting your lure out to feeding fish. A collapsible fishing rod and reel combo that is ready to go will be a great asset as you explore new fishing waters. The above image for the Eagle Claw Pack-It Spin Combo telescopic fishing rod is an affordable option that will get the job done (if you are interested, click on the image to purchase from Amazon).

A collapsible fishing rod and reel, or telescoping fishing rod kit has the ability to go from a collapsed, approximately 12 inch package to a fully extended fishing rod measuring 6 feet or more. It can be stowed easily in a pack (within a fishing rod bag) and can be quickly deployed for use on the river.

An alternative to this would be a fly fishing combo, which can be taken down into multiple pieces. The collapsible rod will still be faster and easier to use than this option, and will fit into a smaller package.

The Bottom Line

Read a collapsible fishing rod review or two online to find the best collapsible fishing rod for your situation. When you find the right rod for your specific application, get a good collapsible fishing rod case to protect it while it is stowed within your backpack.

Backcountry fishing offers many opportunities for exploration and finding new waters. If you use a good collapsible fishing rod, you will be able to quickly fish holes along the path. As always, happy fishing!

What is your favorite type of collapsible fishing rod? Do you like telescoping options or break-down options? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below. Thanks!

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