What Are The Best Trout Lures?

I have spent many years fishing for trout, from the spring rivers of the Midwest and Northeast, to the Rocky Mountains out west. I started out spin fishing, which allowed me to learn the many different trout lures and spinners that are effective in attracting trout. I then switched to fly fishing, which has allowed me to learn a new method for landing these beautiful species of fish.

Trout Lures

The Best Trout Lures

In answering the question, ‘what are the best trout lures,’ you need to take into consideration the different techniques for catching these fish. Not only are conventional lures part of the consideration, but flies, streamers, spinners, and even baits. The word ‘lure’ is defined as an attractant. Therefore, any of these items could be defined as a trout lure. For the purposes here, let’s focus on trout lures and spinners that are commonly used by spin fishermen.


Trout lures are commonly broken into a few different categories. Spinners are the most popular, and usually produce excellent results. Spinners mimic swimming bait fish, and target trout that are in the mood for a larger meal than the usual scud or fly. Often, the largest trout in a hole can be caught with spinners. There are many different types of trout spinners. The most common features a gold, black, or silver blade with a different colored body and a treble hook covered by some colored hackle. Mepps makes great trout spinners for the money, and are very effective stream trout lures. Below is a set of 3 Mepps spinners that work very well in a lot of circumstances. Click the image for more information, or to purchase the set today.

Mepps Wooly Worm Trout-Pack of 3 (Black)


Spoons and variations on spoons are another type of common trout lures. When retrieved, these lures produce a slow jerky motion that mimics a wounded bait fish. Often, spoons are silver or gold, with dots or stripes painted on them, with a single treble hook at the end. They don’t have to decorated well to be effective. Spoons are some of the most effective trout lures for lakes. Click the image below for more information on this 16 piece assortment of trout spoons (or click here to buy them now).

Lot of 16 New In The Box Bass Trout Spoon Fishing Lures


The third category of common trout lures would be all the other lures that are commonly used for smallmouth and largemouth bass, including crankbaits, jerkbaits, poppers, plugs, and wigglers. These lures come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be very effective in landing lunker trout. If you are trolling a lake, trolling trout lures include the crankbaits and jerkbaits, because they will maintain a specific depth depending on the speed of the boat. Below is the image of an excellent assortment of shallow diving jointed crankbaits that are perfrect for trout fishing. Click the image for more information or to buy the set now.

Lot of Five 3.5" Shallow Diving Sigi Swimbait Fishing Lures for Bass & Trout

The Bottom Line

There are many different trout lures available on the market, and finding trout lures for sale is as easy as walking into a local tackle shop, or browsing online fishing retailers. Look for the best deals so you can save money for the most important fishing gear, and for future upgrades. For me, the best trout lures are the ones that are catching fish at the moment. Each situation calls for a different lure. You need to be ready to experiment with different options before being set on a favorite, and that is why having options is key. Practice will help you to determine the best trout lures for your fishing situations. Happy fishing!

What is your favorite trout lure? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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